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Blizzard Lighting Bracken Audio Winchester VABlizzard Lighting is a small company founded by Will Komassa, a guy from Brookfield, Wisconsin. Will got interested in lights (and sound, and electronics, and computers, and music) at an early age. Will featured heavily in his high school stage productions, serving as both an actor/singer and technical director for many productions.

While in college at The University of Wisconsin-Madison, will continued his love for the theatre, serving as Technical Director for UW’s “Official Ambassadors of Goodwill,” The Wisconsin Singers. While with The Singers, will was responsible for all aspects of production for the troupe, who performed about 40 shows per year. He got great experience with moving lights, and learned the ropes of lighting from the crusty old stagehands of The Wisconsin Union Theatre, where he also worked part-time.

Will also served as the Master Electrician for the UW Theatre, and studied lighting design with notable lighting designers Linda Essig and Ken Billington, among others.

After college, will worked the occasional job as a wedding DJ for friends, and after finishing Law School (also at The University of Wisconsin), he soon enough rekindled his love for music as the frontman for a local cover band, Chapter 2, based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The band’s lighting and sound were just not working for the group, and over the course of 4 or 5 years, Will tried many, many light fixtures which just didn’t fit the bill, for one reason or another.

Some were too bulky for a club band, some weren’t bright enough, and some just weren’t up to the rigors of sharing the stage with a bunch of guys who are notoriously hard on their gear. Finally, Will decided to take matters into his own hands, and start his own company! The object was to create lights that DID fit the bill for the TONS of performers who seem to have been overlooked by other companies, and to do it for LESS! Tada! Blizzard Lighting was born!

At Blizzard Lighting, we are entertainers just like you. We know the frustration of working with lights that are hard to program, tempermental, and just plain way too expensive. If you’ve been looking for lights for your DJ business, band, production company, club, or wherever, we think you’ll find Blizzard’s products right up your alley!

Thanks in advance for your interest in Blizzard Lighting! We hope to win you over as a customer. We know if we do, you will be one for life!

Now… Unleash The Storm!

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