Jim Odom, musician, producer, and LSU graduate in Electrical Engineering founded PreSonus in 1995 with the goal of building professional and affordable music production tools for musicians and audio engineers.

PreSonus began in Jim’s garage and moved to the second floor of Causey’s Furniture in downtown Baton Rouge, Louisiana, where it stayed its first three years. PreSonus’ first product, the award-winning DCP8, digitally controlled 8-channel compressor/limiter/gate, holds a patent for analog control over digital circuitry. Truly ahead of its time, the DCP8 was designed for the studio engineer to insert 8 channels of analog compression with the ability to save, recall and automate settings which where features only found in mixing consoles costing more than $100,000.

At Causey’s location, PreSonus designed and built the ACP8, an analog version of the DCP-8, the BlueMax two channel tube compressor, and the ACP22 dual compressor/limiter/gate.

In 1998, PreSonus moved to its current location at the Baton Rouge Bon Carre Technology Park.

Throughout the past decade, PreSonus has developed innovative professional and affordable tools to the music creation industry with the purpose of enhancing the music creation and production process.

The following are a few highlights of PreSonus’ award-winning product innovations:

DigiMax (2000) – The first 8-channel microphone preamplifier with ADAT output.
FireStation (2002) – One of the first FireWire multi-channel computer recording systems
Central Station (2004) – First monitor controller with talkback
FirePod (2004) – First FireWire recording system with 8 microphone preamplifiers
INSPIRE 1394 (2005) – First daisy-chainable, compact FireWire recording system
FireStudio (2006) – First FireWire recording system with integrated remote control for surround and stereo capable speaker switching and communications


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