QSC bracken audio winchester vaAs any pro-audio veteran will tell you, many of the industry’s major players began life as small “mom and pop” operations, run out of garages, basements and spare bedrooms. Steeped in the anti-corporate ethos of the ’60s and ’70s, these were businesses born of the visions of young entrepreneurs typically short on experience but rich in dreams, drive, and a desire to do things differently.

As the industry and its technology have evolved, many of those early ventures have fallen by the wayside. Some of them imploded, fueled by naive management, personality crises, or simply a failure to evolve. Some grew so large and unwieldy that their only hope for survival was to be bought out by the corporate culture they’d long resisted. Over the years, only a handful have managed to not simply exist, but flourish.

The story of QSC Audio is one of professional audio’s most inspiring tales. From its humble beginnings crafting handmade guitar amps from a one-room shop in Orange County, California, QSC has grown to become the industry’s undisputed leader in power amps, loudspeakers, and complete networked audio solutions.


qsc bracken audio winchester va